Wednesday, December 17, 2014

XFactor Mel B’s Husband Leaves UK, But She Knew He Was No Angel Before Marrying Him

Mel B married husband Stephen Belefonte, 39, after a whirlwind romance but admitted she knew 'he was no angel' with arrests dating back to when he was 19, top right soon after they got married.
The film producer, 39, has been prosecuted for handling stolen goods, beating the mother of his child and killing a mallard with a brick, but denies he ever attacked Mel B, also 39.

After their wedding in 2007 the singer had to defend her husband's past when it emerged that he had battered his common-law wife Nicole Contreras during a drunken row at their home in 2003.
While also partying with his wife in 2010,  Belafonte was involved in a fight with three men at the luxury five star May Fair Hotel, left, One man was left needing hospital treatment following the incident. But Mel B stood by her burly husband, claiming he was only acting in her defence.

Now it’s her turn to taste from his bad cake.

Reports  this morning however indicates Stephen has left the country following the accusations that he was responsible for Mel’s bruises when she appeared on X Factor last Sunday. Mel is also said to have left the home they share and her friends are begging her not to return. Was she wrong to have married him in the first place knowing he abused his first wife and he is very temperamental? 

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