Thursday, December 4, 2014

South African Man Slice Open A Pregnant Dead Shark To Save Its Pups

Pictures of a gruesome but remarkable effort of a man saving three shark pups from their dead mother before releasing them into the ocean on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa as emerged online. 

A family found the deceased mother shark on the beach but noticed there was still movement inside. Realising the animal may have been pregnant, the head of the family, used a knife to perform a makeshift C-section on the animal, successfully saving three pups.

The video's description reads: 'This video is a good example of respect to all forms of life... You cannot help but admire the beach goers that helped the baby sharks live a life in the ocean.'

Despite their unconventional entrance to the world, the sharks are likely to live normal, healthy lives.

Pups, who stay inside the womb for up to two years, do not stick around for long after birth in case their mother eats them and are capable of independence from the moment they are born.

Source: Dailymail

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