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Ten Romantic Gestures That Will Win Her Heart

10 Romantic Gestures That Will Steal Her Heart
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Have you always been a bit clumsy with the romantic gestures? Fed up with trying your best, but it never seems to go right? Well, you are far from alone because a lot of men trip up, when it comes to finding a gesture that will make a girl swoon, so read on and find ten romantic gestures that are guaranteed to steal her heart:

1. Do some cleaning

The number one way to a girl’s heart is getting off your butt and do some of the household chores! Surprise her by putting the vacuum cleaner round or offering to do the dishes for her, and she’ll love it. But, don’t be disappointed if she does it again, because no one can do it as well as she can!

2. Cook for her

She will melt in your arms if you surprise her by cooking her favourite meal for her. And, if you are not usually the one that does the cooking, look it up on Google and follow the instructions! Even if it goes a bit wrong, she will still love it.

3. Make something personal for her

Anyone can go into a store or buy something online. Do something different and special, and make her a gift with your own hands. Make a birthday card for her, write her a poem or even paint her a picture. The extra effort will be really appreciated.

4. Take care of her when she’s sick

It’s a medical fact that men get flu and girls only get the sniffles, but she’d still appreciate being looked after, when she isn’t feeling so good. Bring her a blanket and a hot cup of chicken soup. That will cheer her up and show her that you care.

5. Tell everyone else how smart and beautiful she is

When you introduce her to your friends, show them how proud you are of your lady. Put your arm around her and tell them how clever she is, how beautiful she is and how lucky you are to have her in your life.

6. Call her during the day to say ‘hi’

Show her that you are thinking of her, even when you are not together, by giving her a call during the day. No big deal, just a call to say: ‘Hi, how’s your day going?’

7. Remember those dates!

Not so much a gesture as a warning: remember the anniversary dates and her birthday! If you always remember them, then you will be a romantic hero, but, if you forget just one, then you will have a lot of ground to make up.

8. Be supportive

Show an interest in her day and listen to her when she talks. Be supportive of her and offer advice when she asks for it, because her day and her problems are just as important as yours. If you know she has had a bad day, then do something nice for her to cheer her up. It’s just one more way to show that you care.

9. Be a gentleman

The ladies love, chivalry, so be a gentleman to your girl. Remember to open doors for her, pull out her chair at restaurants, and never forget that a lady always goes first. This kind of thing never goes out of fashion!

10. Surprise her

Flowers are good, but they do get a bit boring, so use your imagination and create a few surprises for her. Listen out for the things that she likes and plan a surprise around that. It could be a trip to see her favourite band or it could be getting a signed first edition of a book by her favourite author. Just make it unexpected and make it special to her.

What other romantic gestures can steal your beloved’s heart in your opinion?

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