Thursday, July 4, 2013

$2M of cocaine found in ceiling of Pearson airport bathroom

Border officers recovered an estimated $2-million in suspected cocaine last month from the ceiling of a bathroom in Toronto Pearson International Airport, the Canadian Border Services Agency said on Thursday.

The CBSA said they don't know the origins of the 16 packages, weighing over 40 lbs, that were discovered on June 17.

Officers found the packages in the overhang above the bathroom stalls, along with a cellular phone, batteries, a charging cord and a charger. The packages were wrapped in plastic with orange and white tape reading "fragile" and "breakable."

The RCMP is now involved in the investigation which is ongoing.

"Toronto continues to be a shipping and trans-shipping point for local and other point drug smuggling," said Insp. Dean Dickson, with the RCMP Toronto airport detachment. "We are working together to ensure that we can address this smuggling." (CBC)

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