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50 Fun Summer Activities That Burn 50 Calories

The arrival of summer sparks our romance with the outdoors. Whether it's a simple stroll at dusk, or a bike ride to the beach for a picnic, this season seems to motivate us to play, explore and move in ways winter simply cannot. Even quick bursts of activity that we may not consider exercise can be fun ways to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and squeeze in some exercise time in the process. We've compiled a list of 50 fun, summery ways to burn around 50 calories (based on a 150-pound person). Combining a few a day can really add up. Let the secret workout commence!
Go For A Bike Ride
According to, pulling your bike out of the garage and going for a light spin for just seven minutes can burn 50 calories. It's the perfect outdoor activity, and fun for the whole family!
Vacuum The House
We find every excuse to put off housework, but 13 minutes of vacuuming can actually burn 54 calories. Get clean crazy!
Have A Dance Party
Eleven minutes adds up to 56 calories, according to WebMD.
Do Yoga
Yoga -- one of our favorite de-stressing activities -- can exist outside of a formal class. Try 17 minutes of light yoga to burn 50 calories. The stretches will make you feel relaxed and loose. Explore some moves outside for a real summer experience!

Fire Up The Grill
In 19 minutes of barbecuing you can burn 50 calories, according to Fitness Magazine. Get out that spatula!
Play Ultimate Frisbee
A quick six-minute game with friends will improve your hand-eye coordination and help you burn 57 calories.
Go For A Hike
Break a sweat and explore nature along the way. Hiking is a great full-body workout, and in six minutes you could burn 54 calories.
Play Catch
You can burn 54 calories in 18 minutes.
playing catch
Do Water Aerobics
Love swimming in the summer, but not really into doing serious laps? Commit 12 minutes to water aerobics exercises and you can burn 57 calories -- and probably get a good laugh out of your friends.
Go Kayaking
Brave the waves this summer! Ten minutes of paddling can help you burn 59 calories.
Mow The Lawn
Eight minutes of mowing can help you burn 52 calories.
mow lawn
Wash Your Car
Just 15 minutes of scrubbing burns 54 calories!
Get In The Garden
Spend 12 minutes in the dirt and you'll burn 54 calories, according to myfitnesspal.
Play With Your Kids
Fooling around with your little munchkins is more of a workout than you might think. Chasing those rascals for 12 minutes could help you burn 57 calories!
Do Some Yard Work
While it may not sound like a super-appealing Sunday afternoon activity, 10 minutes of yard work could help you burn 59 calories. Plus, all the neighbors will envy your green grass and beautiful flowers. Little do they know it doubled as exercise.
Play Doubles
Lace up those sneaks and grab a partner. Ten minutes of tennis can help you burn 59 calories!
Challenge A Friend To Badminton
Just 10 minutes can help you burn 54 calories.
Jump Rope
Five minutes of jumping can burn 59 calories.
Play Golf
After just 10 minutes you can burn 54 calories. Imagine what an entire day out on the range burns!
Play Beach Volleyball
Six minutes burns 57 calories.
beach volleyball
Push A Stroller 
Take your baby (or the kids you babysit!) out for a 20-minute stroll, and you'll find your mood improved and 59 calories gone!
Play Mini Golf
Putting on a miniature course for 15 minutes could burn 54 calories. Plus, who doesn't enjoy a little friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition?
Fetch With Fido
Playing with your pet for 15 minutes can burn 50 calories!
play with dog
Try Paddle Boarding 
You've heard it's good for your abs, but did you know know 12 minutes of paddling can help you burn 54 calories?
Go Jet Skiing
In seven minutes, burn 56 calories!
jet skiing
Play Ping Pong
After a 12-minute game of table tennis, you will have burned around 54 calories -- and you'll be dying to play again.
Go On A Sailing Or Windsurfing Adventure
In just 15 minutes, 51 calories.
sailing sunfish
Tread Water
While you're hanging in the pool or ocean, take some time to try to stay afloat without putting your feet down. Tally up 12 minutes, and you'll shed 54 calories!
Play Flag Football 
Head outside to showcase your competitive side. After just six minutes of flag football, you'll have dropped 54 calories! Imagine what a workout a whole game could be.
Grab The Fishing Rods
In 15 minutes of watching your line you could burn 51 calories.
Start A Ball Game
Baseball's a great way to have fun with friends and family, and you'll burn 58 calories in just 10 minutes of play.
Go Roller Blading
In four minutes, you can burn 54 calories!
Play Basketball
Feeling like Michael Jordan? Hit the court and burn 54 calories in just six minutes.
Start A Spontaneous Pick-Up Soccer Game
Make like Pele and burn 79 calories in 10 minutes!
Paint Outside
Feeling creative? Head outside and paint the landscape. The sweet summer air might just spark your hidden creative side while you burn 54 calories in 15 minutes.
Do Jumping Jacks
Drop 56 calories in just six minutes!
jumping jacks
Whip up a summer treat in the kitchen. Chopping and stirring for 25 minutes can help you burn 57 calories, all before the oven timer dings!
Try A Game Of Croquet
In 20 minutes you can burn 57 calories with this lawn game!
Take The Stairs
It's probably something you do multiple times a day. But make your next couple of treks up the stairs with more enthusiasm -- five minutes of stair climbing can help you burn 54 calories!
Play Racquetball 
In seven minutes, shed 56 calories.
Try Kickball
Grab a ball and some friends, assemble some makeshift bases, and you've got yourself a game of kickball, just like back in the days of recess. In 10 minutes of pitching, kicking and running, you could burn 79 calories, according to ACE Fitness.
Climb A Rock
Just four minutes of rock climbing can shed 50 calories.
rock climbing
Clean The Garage And Gutters
If you skimped on the spring cleaning, give the garage and gutters a quick 10-minute clean. You'll feel accomplished and burn 59 calories.
Go Water Skiing
Eight minutes can burn 55 calories!
water skiing
Go For A Stroll After Dinner
Instead of plopping down on the couch after dinner, take a slow walk. A 12-minute stroll could help you burn 55 calories!
Dive In At The Pool
After 15 minutes jumping in and climbing back out, you can can burn 51 calories!
diving board
Hit The Stores
As long as your bank account can support it, a little shopping is a win-win: In 20 minutes of perusing the aisles of your favorite boutique and trying on summer tees, you can burn 50 calories -- and update your wardrobe!
Play Tag
Who says only kids play tag? Get outside and chase a pal -- in nine minutes you could burn 50 calories. Let the kids teach you a new version you've never played before.
Ten minutes of hopscotch can burn 57 calories!
Mop The Floor
Yes, housework is boring, but keep in mind that after 12 minutes of cleaning, you will have burned 50 calories, and your kitchen floor will be sparkling (HuffPost)

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