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47 year old grandma wants cosmetic surgery to make her look older

This woman is the mother of former Channel O VJ Nonhle Thema's baby daddy, Arthur Bolton. Grandmother Anne Bolton wants to have cosmetics surgery to make her look older because at 47 years old, she hasn't seen any sign of aging; no wrinkles, no greying hair, no sagging etc.

UK Daily Mail  reports:
The mother-of-four says she is constantly being mistaken for a woman half her age, and says looking like a 20-year-old is actually ruining her life - and now she's thinking about having cosmetic surgery to make herself look older. Anne says that her youthful looks have ruined a marriage and two long-term relationships, as younger men constantly chat her up
You think she looks way younger than her age? Continue to read her story...

I would have changed it if I could, only there is no operation to make you look older.'

She also believes jealous friends have abandoned her because she makes them look older.
Her eldest son, who has recently become a father, hates being seen with her after being mistaken for her boyfriend.
Now size eight Anne fears her youthful looks will mean a lifetime of loneliness because she only ever gets chatted up by toyboys she has nothing in common with.

She says: 'Everyone wants to look younger but I'm not joking or exaggerating when I say looking young is ruining my life. I would do anything for a few wrinkles to look my age.
'Why I have none is a mystery to me but the older I get, the bigger the problem becomes for me. I need someone to invent the reverse of Botox because I'm desperate to look older.'
Anne married her first husband at the age of 24, but within a few years they were bickering over her looks.
She said: 'I was in my late twenties but my husband noticed much younger men looking at me and he started to get jealous.
'I wasn't interested, but as the years passed I remained looking the same age and he looked older, which led to even more rows.
'We were the same age but he hated people thinking he'd married a younger woman so I did my best to dress older.'

Anne's son Arthur Bolton with TV personality Nonhle Thema and their son.

Eventually it drove them apart. And despite having two sons together - Arthur, now 25, and 19-year-old Kevin - they got divorced when Anne, who also does some work as a TV extra, was 32.
Four years later, she embarked on a long-term relationship with her second partner, who worked for the Royal Mail.

He was just two years older than Anne who, at 36, was often taken for a twenty-something.
She says: 'At first he loved it and complimented me on my appearance. He said he was proud to be with me.
'But soon the looks from younger guys triggered arguments. But what could I do about it?'
The couple had two sons - Joshua, now 13, and seven-year-old Jacob - yet even being a busy mother-of-four took no toll on Anne's looks.
She reveals: 'When he was 42 I still looked 22. People didn't believe I had four children.
'He hated people asking if he was my dad or brother. I could see the way things were going again.
After five years together, the couple split up and Anne feared she would never find love again.

She says: 'I was only chatted up by young guys. At first it was flattering but then it got boring.
'They want to talk about cars and nightclubs but I needed something more. There's no way I would date someone the same age as my son. Toyboys do not interest me at all.'
Eventually, aged 42, Anne met a 32-year-old.
He was mature enough for her yet, she hoped, young enough not to be concerned over her looks. But she soon faced exactly the same problems.
She said: 'People would stare at us as if we shouldn’t be together. He even got called a dirty old man. Nobody would believe I was a decade older than him and men would approach me to chat me up when I was with him because they thought he couldn't possibly be my partner.
'It became a nightmare. I was even accused of being a gold-digger because it looked like I was with a much older man. It was driving us both mad. It led to rows. It was like history repeating itself.'

Earlier this year, after five years together, they split up. Anne revealed: 'Once again I found myself alone. I was heartbroken that my life was being so badly affected by the way I looked.'
She has since struggled to meet any men her own age but has no shortage of offers from men 20 years younger.
She says 'People think that must be great but I am a grown woman with four sons. I don't want to date a kid. I want a real man, but men my age don't want to date me because it makes them look like perverts. I feel caught in a trap and I don’t know what to do.'
It's not just her love life that has suffered because of her youthful appearance. Anne used to enjoy shopping trips with eldest son Arthur, but he got fed up of his mum being mistaken for his girlfriend - making it impossible for him to meet anyone either.
Anne says: 'Girls just assumed he was taken. He found it embarrassing to have to explain to them I was his mother.
'I couldn’t believe that me looking young was stopping both me and my son from meeting anyone.'
Friendships have also been wrecked by jealousy over her looks. She says: 'As they started to look older and I just looked younger, my friends saw me as a threat to them.
'Their husbands would tell me how young I looked and it annoyed them so they stopped inviting me out. It wasn't my fault but what could I do?
'Women my own age think standing next to me makes them look old. I can see them looking me up and down - I've even been called a bitch.
'So I have to hang around with much younger women. They are good fun but deep down we're not into the same things. Some are younger than my son but what choice do I have?
'Because of the way I look I don’t feel I fit in anywhere - with young people, or those my own age. I bring out the bitchy side in women so I'm scared to try to make new friends.'
Anne, who uses just soap and water and Palmer's face cream, has even started examining her face in the mirror in the hope of finding a wrinkle.

She admits: 'Most women dread them while I am desperate to find just one. But my face and body are totally smooth.
'I’ve lost count of the times people have asked me if I could bottle my secret and sell it - I'd be a millionaire if I could.'

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