Sunday, July 7, 2013

Canadian Train Explosion Leaves Five Dead & Many More Still Missing!

Tanker cars of petroleum exploded in the Canadian province of Quebec after a train derailed, destroying nearby buildings and leaving five dead and forty unaccounted for. The train had reportedly been pulling more than 70 tankers of crude oil when it supposedly parked and ended up slipping downhill which caused it to derail and crash into downtown. As a result, homes and historic buildings were supposedly leveled. A security zone has been imposed and about 2,000 evacuated from their homes.

Quebec mayor Colette Roy Laroche says the city centre was completely destroyed in the blast. Police said contents from some of the tanker cars had spilled into the river that runs through the town.Sympathies to the families and friends of the town. "We lost the biblioteque which had all the memories of people here - it's a mess,” Lac-Megantic Fire Chief Denis Lauzon said.

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