Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two girls charged with premeditated murder in death of their 16yr old brother

According to CNN, the case is still under investigation, but authorities believe that the older sister took a handgun from their parents' bedroom and shot her brother, 16 year old older brother. The 11- year-old also allegedly assisted her.

The children's parents, Keith and Misty Kornegay (pictured above) were out of town and allegedly left the three of them and a 3-year-old daughter unsupervised. The two girls themselves tipped off a local police officer to the shooting of their brother in their Columbia County home, the sheriff's office said.Police officers went to the home late Monday to investigate and found the boy's body on the living room floor. The girls were immediately taken into custody. Their parents were also arrested and have been charged with child neglect

While police have identified the girls, CNN is withholding their names since they are minors and have not been charged as adults.

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