Friday, October 31, 2014

Ebola News: Blackmailers Threaten to Release Virus in Czech Republic

Milos Zeman Czech Republic President
Milos Zeman, President of Czech Republic
Some blackmailers, who are being referred to as terrorists, are threaten to unleash Ebola into Czech Republic unless the government pays them a ransom of €1m (£788,000, $1.26m) in bitcoins.
The blackmailers have also threatened to launch a viral smear campaign on social media, to reveal to the world “how negligent the Czech offices are,” International Business Times reports.
They intend to use Ebola virus as a biological weapon if their demands are not met.
Sources say the unidentified individuals are demanding that the money should be paid in 3 installments – The first on November 3rd, the second on November 5th, and the third, after they have given up the infected material.
The threats were made via anonymous emails sent to the Czech government’s cabinet offices.
Police authorities reportedly stated that they are not taking the threats seriously, as “the only intention of the blackmailers is to cause a panic.”
According to reports, there are fears that the bitcoin, which is an electronic currency, enables blackmailers and terrorists receive money anywhere in the world instantly and virtually anonymously. Also, once a bitcoin is transferred,  it can’t be reversed or frozen.

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