Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Beautiful Attraction and Distraction of the Feminine Gender

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Have you ever considered the world made of only men? That would have been the most unimaginable boring world. In popular old culture, the masculine gender runs the show. They are everywhere, from the factory, office to the fore front of technological advancement. Could this be that the ‘man’ is the only entity that can keep the human race and animal world fuelled.

When you look into history either through the lens of the evolution of man by Charles Darwin or creation as documented in the book of genesis. The man is a product of the woman, yet the woman is the by-product of the man, so the man is intertwined with the woman. ‘Wo-man’, not only is a man with womb but a man with much width- the curves and cleavages. Say no more, son!

A full man cannot resist the sight of a beautiful woman. As I traverse the road to work every morning in my rugged steel grey Toyota, I can’t but pause to notice and see beautiful women driving past me. This almost got me a photo radar ticket. Was this attraction or a distraction? Speed fines will tell? Got about three now, oh pity me! The man naturally is insufferably turned on the sight of a beautiful woman. What of the non-beautiful woman. To be honest, I have never met one. There is just some about the feminine gender. The beauty lies is different packages and the beholder. The beauty of some women are crystal clear and glaring to those who have eyes, others had to be the voice. Some women unique virtues lies in their culinary skills, others dressing, some their wifely attributes or home management.

Well, I am attracted, feel attractive and enjoy the random distractions I get. Isn’t that beautiful, those are meaningful distractions, eh! The human existence has come of age, I believe we need a break from the lens to have a feel of the opposite connections. That alone, is enough break from the daily encumbrances we face. I am no Casanova, I am always going to be faithful and responsible but my eyes cannot deny the admiration of beauty when I notice one. If I smile at you, greet you warmly or admire your good features; it is nothing more than a compliment. I never wanted to live in a world where it would only jut be men. That’s just surreal and hellish!

These musings of my heart best describe my decrepit human experiences, albeit it may be misconstrued as to objectify the second sapiens. I always love, respect and cherish the feminine gender. In fact, they make the world go around- our wonderful and sweet mothers, wives, sisters, children and infants. Let’s not get carried away, some have been responsible for reversing the progressive trajectory of many men. ‘Samson and Delilah’ should ring a bell. However, in spite of her rusty nature, man did cause World War 1 and 2, while she suffered for it. Now time for someone to pull a stunt! Definitely, not me **smiles**

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