Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Actress hit with 108 catcalls during New York City stroll

Unsolicited: Shoshana Roberts, 24, has been filmed being catcalled a staggering 108 times as she strolled around New York City. Above, the aspiring actress receives an unsolicited comment from a male bystander

A 24-year-old aspiring actress has been filmed being catcalled 108 times as she strolled around New York City - even though she was wearing a plain T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Shoshana Roberts, a graduate of Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, was captured on a hidden camera by her friend, Rob Bliss, as she walked through the city's streets.

Over a ten-hour period, she was pelted with dozens of unsolicited comments, including: 'What's up beautiful?', 'Hey baby', 'Smile' and 'Have a nice evening darling'.

She was even followed by some men for several minutes, with one repeatedly asking her: 'You don't wanna talk? Because I'm ugly?' Others winked at her, whistled and made inappropriate noises. See video below

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