Friday, October 31, 2014

Wow! Girl's present from dad turns her into a multimillionaire on her 19th birthday

19 year old Deisi Ocampo from Chicago is now a multimillionaire after accepting and scratching two lottery tickets her dad gave her as birthday present on October 6th.

Deisi told ABC News exactly what happened
"I rarely play the lottery. My dad buys tickets once in a while and thought it would fun to get me two tickets for my birthday. The following day, I didn’t think much of it when I scratched off the first set of numbers. But when I finished scratching the second ticket, I began to shake and sweat out of nervousness. I just couldn’t believe it was real.”
 The birthday girl had won $4 million dollars.

Deise said she immediately called her father who was also stunned.
“He couldn’t believe it. He thought I was teasing him. When I told him I had won, he asked if it was $500, and I said, ‘No $4 million!’”
On how she plans to spend the money
"I will share with my dad so he can buy a new home for my mom, dad and sister,” she said. “I plan to use a portion to pay for college since I want to become a nurse and take care of babies.”
When asked if this was the best birthday present she’s ever received, Deisi replied, “Definitely!”

Source: ABC News

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