Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ebola Skit: Comedian on Differences between UK & US Coverage of Crisis

It’s been difficult to find anything funny about Ebola, which has killed thousands of people in West Africa, including Nigeria. British comedian Russell Howard explored the difference between the UK & US coverage of Ebola on BBC’s Good News, in a clip that has gone viral.
He analyzed the British as calm, while the US is in a frenzy, including an African-American man who doesn’t seem to understand anything about the virus at all, saying amongst other things,
“The first victim is a black man, that gives white b**ches an excuse not have sex with black guys now.”
Around the 3 minute mark, the virus under the microscope speaks in the stereotypical ‘African’ accent used in many foreign TV shows … Modern Family anyone?
The comedian also talked about Dele Adebola, a Birmingham City footballer who had to assure his Twitter fans “I don’t have ebola.” … because his name is AdeBOLA.


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