Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Success Story | Victoria Beckham Tops List as Britain’s Most Successful Entrepreneur

Spice Girls was a long time ago! According to Management Today magazine, Victoria Beckham is Britain’s most successful entrepreneur.

The 40-year-old former singer started topped the list which had over 100 business people after her fashion empire has grown over the years. She started her eponymous label in 2008, and has since then grown her staff base from 2 to 100, and had a financial turn over from roughly £1 million to almost £20 million in 5 years.
According to Andrew Saunders of Management Today magazine, who compiled the list based on the past 5 years, told The Daily Telegraph – “She’s got a real business, some design talent and some business nous. She gets a lot of stick for being a celeb fashionista but I don’t think that’s fair. She has built something real out of her own celebrity which is quite a contemporary story. She deserves to be celebrated.
Victoria is married to football legend David Beckham with 4 kids – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz & Harper.
She also launched her first stand alone boutique in London last month and according to Management Today, has a personal fortune of up to R3 million today which attributed to her top spot placement.
To compile the list, the magazine took factors like jobs created, overall estimated wealth and sales figures over a five-year period. Others in the list include Amit & Meeta Patel (founders of pharmaceutical group Auden Mckenzie), and Mahmud Kamani of took second and third place in the list.

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