Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girl choose $20million over Family after Kidnapping herself and chopping her ear off

This relates to the kidnapping of Maybelle Doyle, a pill-popping, money-burning, bad boy-bedding problem child if ever there was one, thus instilling much skepticism in her father Hollis. She played the smart by cutting her ear and send it to her father that she was really in danger. Her father though not convinced yet, but was pushed to wired $20million for her ransom. Hollis later find out that it was all sham and scam. 

Gladiator Hulk caught her and brought her back where the father made the most emotional business deal of his life. Hollis told Maybelle, 'your mother canot go through this again'. Choose to come back home and you can have a fresh start, choose your family or take the money and never come back home. Maybelle in no hurry chose the later. 

Will you dish your family for $20million, just for drugs and being angry at your father as the political juggernauts who rigged the election for the incumbent president of the United States, amongst other hideous acts. Many people would think  family should come first in all things, not money, fame, career etc. That is far from reality, because we don't cherish the family lines as before, we are just blood relations. People live in the same town with their parents, yet only see them once or twice a year. That is not family, that is just blood lines. 

This story is culled from the ABC's Scandal, Season 2

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