Monday, June 17, 2013

List of winners at MuchMusic Video Awards 2013

Video of the year - Classified featuring David Myles - Inner Ninja

Post-Production of the year- Billy Talent - Surprise Surprise

Dance Video of the year- Deadmau5 featuring Chris James- Veldt

Video Director of the year- Started from the bottom - Drake

Pop Video of the year- Marianas Trench- Desperate measures

Rock/Alternative video of the year- Serena Ryder- Stompa

Hip hop video of the year-Started from the bottom - Drake

Much Fact Video of the year- Classified featuring David Myles - Inner Ninja

International Video of the year- Demi Lovato- Heart attack

International Video of the year by a Canadian - Avril Lavigne- Here's is to never growing up

Your favorite video- Marianas Trench- Stutter

Your favorite artist- Justin Bieber

Your favorite international artist- Taylor Swift

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