Friday, June 7, 2013

Highest Job boom in Canada in over a decade

Canada's economy had its best month for job creation in more than a decade last month, adding 95,000 new jobs, according to Statistics Canada. This triples the number originally projected with over 85% per cent of job gains in the private sector and also full time as well. The large gain pushed unemployment down a tenth of a percentage point to 7.1 per cent. The strong showing was one of the best headline numbers on record. The last time more jobs were created in any given month was August 2002, when the economy cranked out 95,100 new positions. See current unemployment rate across Canada's ten provinces and three territories
  1. Saskatchewan -3.9%
  2. Alberta -4.5%
  3. Manitoba -5.7%
  4. Yukon -6.7%
  5. British Columbia -6.8%
  6. Ontario -7.3%
  7. Québec -7.7%
  8. Nova Scotia -8.7%
  9. Northwest Territories -8.9%
  10. New Brunswick -10.8%
  11. Edward Island -11.2%
  12. Nunavut -11.5%
  13. Newfoundland -11.6%

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