Friday, June 14, 2013

Marijuana Licensed in Canada

Marijuana plants are grown under high intensity lights indoors.(Bob Keating/CBC News)
Medical marijuana lets British Columbia (in Canada) growers earn thousands on streets. 'A grower' says he makes $10,000 every month selling 'legal bud' to dealers. He estimates he gets about 11 kilograms of marijuana worth about $20,000 every two months from his basement operation. With six crops a year, that’s about $120,000 a year.
He used to grow his pot illegally and sell it on the Prairies, but that was too risky, so he applied to Health Canada for a Personal Use Production licence. He filled out a few forms and got a doctor to sign off on a medical condition. The whole process took a half hour he recalls. Over 10,000 licences to grown medical marijuana have been issued in B.C. alone, and more than 20,000 across Canada. Current price is about $3,700 per kilogram. 

Licensed growers

  • 9,369 personal production licences in B.C.
  • 2,232 designated growers for others in B.C.
  • 18,063 personal production licences in Canada
  • 3,405 designated growers for others in Canada

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