Saturday, June 1, 2013

Inspiration Reel: How to deal with Success

I’m sure you believe this to be easy…but it’s not. It’s difficult to keep yourself focused after experiencing success. You’ve succeeded. You should celebrate! Right? Rewarding yourself appropriately for successes will keep you motivated to continue on pushing towards your larger goals. However, rewarding yourself too generously can lead to your downfall.

I’ve heard too many stories of people making it too early and falling apart after a few months. People tend to blow money on alcohol, drugs, women, parties, cars, clothes, expensive restaurants and a bunch of other luxuries that are far from necessary.
You don’t want your success to be the undoing of your business. Reward yourself modestly. Take some time off to clear your head and to reset. If you feel the need to splurge, then set up a reasonable amount prior to the festivities and make it impossible for you to go over the limit.

Focus on the fact that you aren’t looking one small success, but for a bunch of smaller ones that you can look at and be proud of. Life is all about keeping momentum and moving; don’t lose sight of your direction and purpose. Crown Amos

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