Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Canadians are choosing cremation following death

Highlights from Funeral directors annual convention in Ontario- 
In the 1960s, fewer than five per cent of all Canadians were cremated. Today, that figure is nearly 60 per cent as more Canadians are choosing cremation  following death. Some of the reasons will be that cremation cost significantly less than a traditional burial , a traditional burial cost over $5,000 while a direct cremation just about $700. Other reasons include cultural beliefs, environmentally friendly and that 'immortal' connection since cremated remains are returned to the next of kin in different manners. This includes mobile memorial, a new development where you can store DNA indefinitely in a pendant and a new technology that allows diamonds to be derived from cremation ashes. According to Rene de Diego,  president of Remembrance Diamonds Corporation "through a process, we take cremation ashes, refine it to crystallised graphite where you can actually press it under high pressure and high heat, and grow a real diamond from it"

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