Thursday, June 6, 2013

Song of the Week: Mariah Carey - #Beautiful ft. Miguel

"#Beautiful" is the lead single off Carey's forthcoming studio album. Both featured artist have been criticised with fans berated on why the tune did not kick off with Mariah's voice. It sounded like Miguel featuring Mariah Carey. But the R&B crooner responded that there was no controversy. Also Miguel had a back slash at his recent performance at Billboards 2013 drama when he jumped over fans against organisers warning. One of the fans is planning to take legal action.  She is memed 'let your love adorn me' turn to 'let your nuts adorn me' Amidst all critics, the song is a summer banger. Kudos to both Mariah and Miguel. 

Randall Roberts wrote in latimes 'From the first line, delivered by Miguel, the track takes to the road: “Hop on the back of my bike, let the cool wind run through your hair,” he sings. Miguel, the San Pedro-born breakout whose “Kaleidoscope Dream” was one of the best albums of 2012, rides away, his girl on his bike, with the charisma of a superstar. They cruise through the night, Miguel crooning about her beauty while he advises her to "let the moonlight kiss your skin." You can almost see a lunar glimmer on the Pacific as they roll down PCH'

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