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Relationship Digest: Damnedest Things Men do For Love

What are the weird, crazy and bizarre things men do for love? How far would you go to bond with a woman? Do men have limits? Why do men do what they do? Study shows men become crazy and risk their lives in order to attract women because men are the riskiest when looking for sex. Women truly underestimate how much of a man’s thoughts are dedicated to sex. I’d say that an average man spends 10% of his mental thoughts per day thinking about servicing his woman, a random woman, or the woman with the tight pants that just walked past him. Thus, Men will do anything to get a girl into the bedroom, even fake being emotional. To men, that is wassup, in as much the means leads to an end. 

The question is are all men like animals gallivanting with their 'gavanator' around looking for the next 'she' to service. If at all, we still got real men who are the lovey dovey goody typo, either for both reasons, it is happily conforming that men go to any extent to hit that strike. It is common to see men who will sponsor a woman through college, when he can't even read himself and end up being dumped. Some just cut off all friends and family ties for their honeybee who wants to remain an exclusive project. The very popular one is getting into debt while trying to turn a sister in by showering her with luxuries and opulence. But those are the good ones, what of the man who jeopardises his marriage or leave his decent wife for a 'skettel' or just pretend to be a committed Christian, quit smoking and drinking and lie about everything under heaven and earth. Yet there are crazier moves like resorting to black magic or 'mollynising' a woman for the night duty. 

It is interesting to note that when men are around women that are attracted and they develop feelings for them, for some reason many of them become clumsy and accident prone. The possible reason for this could be that they are so focused on the way they feel about the woman that they do not notice anything else around them. Also, many agree that men seldom fight over women like women do thesedays but when they do, it is fiercely and bloody. We have heard of serious cases when best friends tries to kill one another to have the same woman or a man crashes the wedding of his friend because of  his private agenda for the bride. 

Nonetheless, if all these crazy acts are in the name of love, then why do this four letter word 'love' change men behavior so much? Anthropologist Helen Fisher has this to say "Love is a drug, it behaves like a drug, it involves the same basic chemicals that drug abuse involves,". Will that mean men can be intoxicated with love or infatuation or fantasy, and when that happens, he is quite unpredictable. Some men are relentless in their efforts as study shows that men love to be heroes. It makes them feel needed, important, and feeds the male ego. Read real life stories below on 10 mind-shocking damnedest things men did to profess love to that 'special' woman. You don't want to try this for a side

1. Smearing Crap On Her Door-Step Before Setting Yourself On Fire
Desperate times calls for desperate measures. So when Rasheen  Harrison's girlfriend broke up with him, he decided to take the less-traveled road to winning her back. Harrison bypassed the typical route of flowers and shameless begging and decided to try something new.
His get-her-back move? Smearing his own excrement on the door of her Staten Island apartment, then setting himself on fire while screaming "I’m the devil!" Predictably, this move didn't land him the girl, but it did land him in court. Harrison offered some final words to reporters, shouting, "Yo, tell ‘em I poo" as he was escorted out of court.

2. Relinquishing the throne 
75 long years have passed, the world continues to be fascinated by the love story of Britain’s King Edward VIII and American socialite Wallis Simpson. The King sparked a constitutional crisis when he fell madly in love with Simpson, a two-time divorcĂ©e, and wanted to marry her.
The prime ministers of the United Kingdom, church leaders and others roundly opposed the move. Edward ultimately abdicated the throne so he could marry Simpson. In a broadcast to the nation in December 1936, after spending just 325 days as monarch, he said, “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love.”

3. Marrying The Woman Who Raped You When You Were 12 Years Old
For love (we guess?), Mary Kay Letourneau, a teacher, broke the law when she slept with her 13-year-old student, Vili Fualaau. Being married with four kids didn't stop Letourneau from falling the youngster, and, subsequently, serving jailtime for her lusty expression of the L-word.
Letourneau, who became pregnant with Fualaau's child, which she gave birth to while doing jailtime. But her student was apparently left seriously craving the kind of learning Letourneau was giving. When Letourneau was released from prison. the mutually-insane couple, then 44 and 22, quickly headed to the altar, teaching us all a thing or two about what it means to be crazy in love.

4. Confession of a Risk Taker
In college I took skydiving lessons and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane to impress a new girlfriend who was really into adventure and risks. On my first and only jump, the parachute malfunctioned, forcing me to do away with it and then struggle in free fall to pull my reserve chute (thank goodness I had paid attention in class!).

5. Man Undergone Plastic Surgery to Look Like his Wife to Stamp their Love
Neil and Jacqueline Megson went for a more permanent change to look alike -- through the magic of plastic surgery. This involved getting matching boob jobs, and after that, it was eye and nose jobs, then cheek and chin implants, followed by lip plumping and liposuction. There was even a tattooed beauty mark thrown in there, though whose was natural and whose was a tat is probably irrelevant at this point. All told, the pair received more than $200,000 worth of plastic surgery, all for this:

6. Abandoned First Wife, Sacked the Pope, Broke the Law, Beheaded Second Wife and Married her Maid
King Henry first became enamored of Anne in the 1520s, and he pursued her for years. He desperately wanted to annul his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon and be with Anne instead. The Pope refused to let that happen — and then, hoo-boy. Henry assumed the role of Supreme Head of the Church of England, married Anne, had his marriage to Catherine annulled and got excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Happens all the time, right?
Henry and Anne got married in January 1533, and Anne gave birth to Elizabeth, the future queen of England, that September. Henry was disappointed that Elizabeth wasn’t a boy, but he remained hopeful that Anne would give him a male heir to the throne. Instead, Anne experienced devastating miscarriages and stillbirths. One stillborn baby was a boy; when that detail came to light, King Henry reportedly cried out, “I see God will not give me male children!” He began showing interest in Jane Seymour, Anne’s maid of honor.
Then, as further evidence that love (in this case, love of Jane!) can make a man do crazy things, Henry easily believed trumped-up charges of adultery, incest and treason against Anne to be true. He had her beheaded in 1536.

7. Marrying The Stalker Who Blinded And Disfigured You
In the late 1950s, New York lawyer Burt Pugach was wild about Linda Riss. He began having an affair with the 21-year-old, but she broke it off when she learned that he was married and had a child. Pugach hired men to throw lye in her face, scarring her and blinding her in one eye. He went to jail for 14 years and kept writing letters to Riss the entire time. Upon his release, the couple reunited and got married. In 1976 they shared their story in the book "A Very Different Love Story."

8. Man Asked Friend to Shoot him Thrice to Get his Ex back
The two picked out a nice, serene spot in a park where they could quietly proceed with getting freaking shot for love. Now get this: Jordan asked Michael to shoot him not once, not twice, but three goddamn times in order to get his girlfriend back. Michael agreed, aimed his weapon and shot Jordan in the arm. Jordan predictably fell to the ground, clutching his bleeding appendage. However, when Jordan demanded that Michael shoot him two more times, Michael came down with a sudden case of holy-balls-what-am-I-doing and refused. Michael put the gun away and instead took Jordan to the hospital.
Hey, this is the part of the story where Jordan's pain and suffering pay off with some sweet girlfriend loving, right? Wrong. Jordan's ex decided to stay the shit away from all that noise, and never even visited him in the hospital. But you know who did visit Jordan? The fuzz. Turns out the cops don't take kindly to people getting shot, even if it's for romance.

9. Young Man Relocated to Living  in  Cave to Live with a Cougar
 Fifty years ago, Liu Guojiang was a 19-year-old Chinese kid who fell in love. But to the dismay of his family and the delight of local gossips, the object of Liu's affections was Xu Zhaoqing, a widowed woman who was 10 years older than he was. In other words, a cougar. Back in those days, there was only one thing to do when you fell in love with a cougar: suicide by wrestling an actual cougar imported from the Americas. Liu and Xu decided to run away to a cave on the side of a mountain instead. And they lived there for 50 years.
You're probably thinking, "Eh ... so they lived in a cave. So did my ancestors. How bad could it be?" Deliberately leaving behind plumbing, electricity and, for the most part, food to be with the one you love is pretty dramatic. In the beginning, Xu and Liu had nothing but roots, grasses and sex juice to sustain them.

10. Set Lawn on Fire 
A desperate man who used an emotionally charged symbol of hate and terror to woo his wife. To keep his marriage together, he set a cross on fire smack dab in the middle of his own lawn, complete with a note from the KKK warning his future ex-wife that she "better not leave that [N-word].")

Author- Abraham Osho

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