Sunday, June 30, 2013

Learn traditional Canadian dance moves

Learn some traditional Canadian dance moves with this nifty video. This educational video teaches you the basics of the most time-honoured and traditional Canadian dances.

See the list of moves
- The Lumberjack
- The Friendly Backpacker
- Scrape the Windshield
- The Cross-Country Skier
- The Beaver
- Pile the Poutine
- Pump the Keg
- Skate the Pond
- Spell Your Name in the Snow
- The Curler
- The Glove Save
- The Dog Sled
- Paddle the Canoe
- Skip the Goose Poop
- The Maple Leaf
- Carry the Two-Four
- Tap the Syrup
- Cold as Ice
- Raise the Cup

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