Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OMG! Chinese Stepmother Whips And Kicks A Toddler For Wetting Herself

My goodness! What kind of human beings exist in this world? This is the shocking moment a Chinese stepmother whipped, beat, kicked and stamped on a girl less than 2 years old just because she wet herself...and the brutal beating, which lasted 5 minutes, was caught on tape.

The stepmother whipped the young girl 87 times with a branch, kicked her 14 times and gave her eight slaps to the face. The more the young girl cried, the more the woman screamed and beat her. At one time, the woman kicked the toddler in the leg until she fell. Then grabbed her by the ear, threw her to the floor, slapped her again and used a branch to beat her. 

Someone filmed the assault from a widow above the compound and posted it online. Hours after it was posted online, thousands called for the woman's arrest, but the police refused to arrest her, saying there was nothing they could do. Unbelievable. 
The toddler cowers against a wall as the woman switches the branch for her hand, striking the girl in the face
Grabbing the child by the ear, the woman throws her on to the floor before continuing her prolonged attack
The woman kicks the child square in the chest, knocking her back as she wails loudly
The stepmother stamps on the girl as the witness films the five-minute attack

UK Daily Mail

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