Saturday, October 18, 2014

Season of Diss As Lil Wayne Claps All His Baby Mamas In New Track

Days after Future and Wiz Khalifa dissed their exes in the song 'P***y Overrated', an ode to ex-girlfriends who mistakenly believe their 'p***y is the most important thing, Lil Wayne last night dropped a new track called Take Kare ft. Young Thug. And in the song, he gave an especially mean spirited shout-out to all his baby mamas. All four of them!

On the track Lil Wayne spits,
They be hatin' on my girl, though/And they wish they was the b*tch they're hatin'/Salutations to my old hoes/And thank you for your participation/No chaser for my girl though/She go harder than me on occasion/Gettin' wasted with my girl/Then we 69 'til we need ventilation
/You don't know about it/Gotta open new accounts cause the others overcrowded/Gotta open up the stores when they're closed when we shopping'/For my girl, wear the clothes that ain't nobody rocking'/She so bad, I don't know what to do with her/I know just what to do in her/Homies hit me up, they said they're goin' out tonight/I said I'm with my girl, tonight I can't fuck with you n*ggas/I'ma take kare of her

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