Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stephen Collins Scandal | Wife Says He's a Pedophile Who Refuses to Get Help

Stephen Collins is a pedophile with a "long term pattern of sexually molesting children" ... this according to Collins' wife.

In the 2014 divorce docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Faye Grant claims Collins "admitted that he had sexually molested 3 underage girls over a decade ago:  At least two of these girls were molested over the course of several years."

Grant says in a declaration, she is "sickened by Stephen's actions."  She says, "I have urged Stephen multiple times to seek treatment for pedophilia, but "he has refused to seek proper help or hospitalization for the predilection toward children."

Grant asked the judge to declare that any legal liability Collins might have would not come out of her pocket.  She says she had no knowledge "of Stephen's secret life prior to January 2012."

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