Sunday, October 12, 2014

Success Story | Chicago Homeless Rapper Signed From Subway

A homeless man from Chicago became a viral sensation this week after he was captured rapping at an underground platform -- and he's already been signed and dropped an album.

Chicago Fox-TV affiliate Fox 32 News reports Joseph Lane, aka Solow Redline, was rapping at Jackson/Van Buren station on the Chicago Transit Authority's subway line when Cordell "Co-Still" Hunter, a rapper himself, recorded Lane. Hunter also happens to a partner with Chicago indie music label Wicked Entertainment.

"Homeless man on subway!!!!!!! If he calls me tomorrow im signing him. #justlikethat if you think hes dope plz SHARE!!!!" Hunter posted on his Facebook page Sept. 30. The video has 4.6 million views as of Friday, Oct. 3 and shows Lane rapping brilliantly about his situation for a full three-minutes and forty-one seconds.
The clip also has roughly 280,000 "likes" and "shares" combined with more than 19,000 comments.

"Before I'm giving in I'll be standing out here rhymin' / Ain't no ladder down here but I'm still climbin' / I'm in the rough right now I feel like I'm a diamond / You clean me up right now I bet I start shinin'," Lane raps.

The rap continues about Lane being ignored by people as he raps about his situation and talks about losing his mother last year and visiting his children while living on a mattress. Hunter can be heard at times sounding clearly shocked at what he's hearing from Lane.

"I've been homeless for a long time and I just want to get a home for my kids, I want my babies to grow up and be proud of their father," Lane told the Fox-TV outlet. "I don't want them to look at me and be like my daddy performed on the subway all his life and he didn't make nothing.

"When I saw him I was like I have to do something to help this dude get out of this situation," Hunter said.

On Thursday, Hunter's label released SoLow Redline's debut album, titled "Started From The Bottom" after Drake's song. It can be purchased here and features songs such as "I Guess That's Life" and "Be Good to Me."


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