Saturday, October 25, 2014

Comedians Scandal | Spanky Shoots Back At Tyrese For Threatening To End His Career

Comedian imposes no fly zone on Tyrese after he threatens to end his career . A few days after Tyrese threatened to end the career of Detroit comedian Spanky Hayes, after Spanky claimed Tyrese ducked sick (hehe) to get the leading role in Baby Boy, Spanky has replied Tyrese and he came out blazing.

In his own response video, Spanky imposes a No Fly Zone on Tyrese banning him from filming Transformers in Detroit. Spanky said:
"Tyrese why did you have to act like that? It was homosexual, the way you did your video. You know you done f**ked up? I didn't say you were gay mehn, but if you got a tattoo on your back of another ni**a hitting if from the back, that might mean be gay.
"Ever heard of the no-fly zone, ni**a? I'm from Detroit. If I can't go to Hollywood to perform at the Hollywood clubs, how about you can't go to Detroit and shoot transformers? When you sh*t, a whole car come out of your gay ass. That's why Suge Knight used to f**k your first baby mama"

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