Friday, October 10, 2014

Couple Busted For Having Sex In Police Car

USA Today reports- A man who had sex in a squad car after the car in which he was riding was pulled over for drunken driving was sentenced to 90 days in jail; his partner in crime was sentenced to 48 days in jail.

Travis Husnik, 33, of Luxemburg, Wis., and Heather Basten, 29, of New Franken, Wis., were being transported Aug. 3 to Oconto County Jail after a traffic stop when they began having sex in the back seat. The deputy stopped the car, told Husnik to pull his pants back up, then put Husnik in the front seat.

"What do I sentence a guy who has sex in squad car to?" asked county Circuit Court Judge Jay Conley during a Sept. 24 sentencing. "It's not like you have a lot of law-school courses or training on what do you sentence a guy who has sex in a squad car to."

Assistant District Attorney Robert Mraz asked Conley to sentence Husnik to time served of nine days, the amount of time he was held until posting $1,500 bond.

"You would hope people would have more self-respect for themselves and have a better character than to do this behavior in the manner in which this defendant and his female friend did," Mraz told Conley

Husnik's lawyer, Timothy O'Connell, also agreed that the behavior was unacceptable.

Husnik posted bond but remains in custody because of a probation hold for previous offenses. In looking over Husnik's criminal history Conley said he found 19 convictions, including a felony for battery to law enforcement in Brown County and three felonies for resisting or obstructing officer convictions so he sentenced Husnik to 90 days.

During his chance to speak in court, Husnik said he understood that he would remain in custody after posting bail because of his conduct that night.

"At a minimum, the mildest word that I can think of, the most favorable word I can think of, is your conduct is completely disrespectful to the officer," Conley said. "The process of being arrested is supposed to be somewhat unpleasant, ... and you end up having a tryst. Incredible."

Husnik also was ordered to pay $443 in various court costs.

In a hearing Sept. 19, Basten pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and operating while intoxicated. She was driving the car when deputies pulled the pair over.

She apologized for her actions, and county Circuit Court Judge Michael Judge sentenced her to time served of 48 days and $1,236 in court costs.

"I think the humiliation of the charge itself … would be punishment enough," said her defense attorney, Aaron Linssen.

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