Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola Update: Uproar Over Spanish Ebola Nurse's Pet

Uproar Over Spanish Ebola Nurse's Pet About To Be Destroyed Over Ebola. A woman is helped after fainting following the exit of the van transporting the dog from Mrs Romero’s house

There was uproar yesterday at the house of a Spanish nurse who was part of the medical team that treated two Spanish priests who had contracted Ebola in Africa. The nurse, Mrs Romero Ramos, 44, who is now quarantined, admitted she mistakenly touched her face with an infected glove and turned herself in immediately she took ill.

Her dog, Excalubur who is also believed to be infected was put to sleep yesterday at her home before health practitioners took him away in an ambulance to be 'destroyed'. A lot of onlookers/neighbours stood still in front of Mrs Romero’s house screaming he deserves a second chance and should also be treated as they tried to stop health officials from taking him away.

They shouted ‘murderers’ and several others threw themselves on the ground to stop the vehicle carrying the dog from moving. It took police men a hard time to get the crowd to let the van pass as some of them even fainted from the shock that the dog was been carried away. 

Some 300,000 people had already signed a petition urging authorities to spare Excalibur. See more photos after the cut.

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