Saturday, October 18, 2014

Italian couple having sex in sea become stuck and hospitalized

A private moment quickly turned embarrassing for an Italian couple who got stuck to each other while having sex in the Adriatic Sea.

Taking advantage of a relatively deserted beach at Porto San Giorgio on Italy's east coast earlier this week, the pair took their passions to the sea but was reportedly unable to separate due to "suction" caused by the surrounding water, Il Mattino reports.

The duo remained stuck in the water briefly until they were able to summon a woman walking the shore for help. The woman brought them a towel as they struggled out of the water, Italy's The Local reports.

A doctor was called to the scene and the couple was rushed to hospital, where the woman's uterus was dilated to relieve pressure and allow the two to separate.

But one health expert expressed her cynicism about the report to England's Independent.

Prof. Helen Ward, an expert in public health from Imperial College in London, said, "I wouldn't say it's impossible, nothing's impossible, but I think it sounds highly unlikely."

Ward said that if two people did get stuck together briefly, the man would likely manage to release himself by losing his erection.

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