Monday, October 6, 2014

SOS | Keanu Reeves 'Needs Protection from Delusional Woman'

TMZ- Keanu Reeves fears the woman who broke into his home will return ... because she believes Keanu is a conduit to her dad whom she believes was abducted and placed in witness protection.

Reeves went charging to court after the woman got taken away from his home ... where she sneaked in and took a skinny dip in his pool. She's currently in a psych ward, but Keanu says it's only a matter of time before she's released ... and he thinks she's coming back.

The woman told cops ... she thought Reeves could help find her father -- whom she believes is "Departed" actor Ray Wintsone.  The woman claimed he was snatched by the government and placed in witness protection ... and that Keanu is her "conduit" to him.

Keanu says she's a threat and the judge agreed ... ordering her to stay 100 yards away.

The obvious problem ... as cops candidly say, good luck getting her to understand and follow the order.

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