Thursday, October 16, 2014

Top 10 Most Expensive Celebs Rings

According to a list compiled by, these are the celebs with the most expensive rings. No.1 is late screen legend, Elizabeth Taylor (pictured right). She got a $8.8million ring from her late screen legend husband Richard Burton; he married Elizabeth Taylor twice in 1964 and 1975.

No.2 is Beyonce's ring worth a whooping $5million, which she got from Jay Z. 

#3. Anna Kournikova – $2.5 – $6 Million (estimated). She got it from singer Enrique Iglesias.mSee the rest after the cut...

#4. Paris Hilton – $4.7 Million. She got it from former fiance, billionaire son, Paris Latses

#5. Mariah Carey – $2.5 Million - her engagement ring from Nick Cannon...

#6. Catherine Zeta Jones – $2 Million - ring from her husband, Michael Douglas..

#7. Kim Kardashian – $2 Million - her engagement ring from ex husband Kris Humphries

#8. Jacqueline Kennedy – $1.5 Million - Her engagement ring from late husband and former US president John.F. Kennedy

#9. Jennifer Aniston – $1 Million

#10. Eva Longoria – $800,000...engagement ring from ex-husband, Tony Parker..

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