Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Culture Of Haters

The power you give to an opinion can become a stumbling block or stepping stone for your progress. In this piece I want to consider when an opinion is aimed at bring down rather than building up. No one has ever existed without the ‘haters club’ or escape the backlash of the disciples of conspiracy. In front of many; people like Pope, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, even Jesus can do no good. Yet they went on to fulfill their assignment. Sometimes we give spine to the thoughts of those who don’t pay the bill.

Where are these haters? They are everywhere. Not just that random guy who messes up your tweets or that old friend who disses you on Instagram. They are everywhere. They are in workplace, community and even family members. To move ahead, you do not need not look for them but past them. When they attack you, just ignore and move on. Don’t focus on them, focus on your focus.
The competition is real. We all standing here looking for better ratings. Its competition baby, get off the couch and stop slouching on the cheap nuances of the jealous ones. Are you sullen and down because of haters, stop that nonsense! Let your mind be set to task at hand. A person who is not talked about, does nothing, is nothing. Don’t get mad at them, it is their culture. They’re simply stuck. Their mindset needs to be reformatted. Until then, continue pushing through to become the better you.

The conclusion of haters is ‘haters gonna hate’. If you entertain or give thoughts to the arrows of haters, they sap positive energy from you. Nonetheless, irrespective of the haters spoil, you also want to make sure you have some in your clique who can give constructive critique and progressive reports on your outlook. Be willing to learn and humble enough to yield the good advice of these shapers.

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