Friday, November 28, 2014

Kendall Jenner Ranked The Most “Social” Model

Kendall Jenner for Balmain Fall Looks for Sunday Times - bellanaija - September 2014002
In a list released by, Kendall, who is a first timer on the list and recorded a rocket boost to being one of the most note-worthy faces in modelling in 2014, ranked the No 1. model with the largest social media presence.

Although there have been many speculations that she may have bought her social media followers to seem like she is more social, she has a whopping 32 million followers on social media – 16 million followers on Instagram, 9 thousand followers on Twitter and 7 million fans/friends on Facebook; that might not think so.

Coming in a not-so-distant 2nd place is Tyra Banks with 20 million followers, 3rd is Miranda Kerr with 15 million, 4th is Adriana Lima with 11 million and 5th Cara Delevingne with 10 million.

Being her first time on the list, being the most present on social media is nothing to scuff at, we just hope 2015 is way better.

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