Friday, November 28, 2014

Outrage in Hungary over Anti-Rape Campaign Video that Suggests Young Women Cause Rape

An anti-rape video campaign in Hungary has sparked outrage in the country because of its messages – both implied and overt – that young women who are flirtatious cause themselves to become rape victims.

The campaign was launched by Hungarian police authorities in Baranya County as part of efforts to raise awareness about rape, CNN reports.

The video campaign titled, “Selfie Klip” shows young women having fun at a club, and dancing flirtatiously with men. At the end of the video one of the women is shown being approached by a hooded man outside a nightclub. The woman is then shown lying on the ground after apparently being assaulted.

A statement posted alongside the video reads “experience has shown that, in order to prevent such acts (of violence), how women communicate … plays a huge role. The flirtation of young girls can often trigger violence.”

Multiple Hungarian advocacy groups have expressed their displeasure about the video, stating that the campaign blames women for sexual violence.

“(The video) scares and humiliates the victims and exonerates the perpetrators to go unpunished… These kind of films evoke misogyny and contempt for women,” some of the groups said in a joint statement.

Here’s the video:

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