Thursday, November 27, 2014

Poor mum shot dead by her 3 year old son at their home in Oklahoma

26 year old Crista Engles (pictured above) was accidentally shot dead by her 3 year old son at their home as she was attending to her 1 year old daughter.

According NBC News, the little boy shot and killed his mother after finding a loaded semi-automatic handgun in their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma yesterday November 25th.

The woman's mother who also lives in the house, but wasn't present when the horrible accident occurred, came home and found the 3 year old and 1 year old covered in blood and crying, this is according to Tulsa police. She found her daughter unresponsive beside her children and thought she'd been killed by an intruder. She immediately called the police.

But while investigating, the police found out that the boy had found the gun under a sofa in the living room and had accidentally fired it. Unfortunately his mum was in the line of fire. Police said when they visited the home, they found a lot of guns there. The woman's husband wasn't home when the incident occurred

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