Saturday, November 29, 2014

Disgusting! 20-Year Old Who Slept With Pregnant GF’s Two Sisters BoastsTo Her About It

A 20-year old man, Jordan Jackson, has boasted to his pregnant girlfriend about how he slept with her two sisters, 25 and 18 not considering how she feels. Victoria 22, said she received the news with shock and was heartbroken because of how a man she loved, and most importantly her sisters betrayed her.

Shortly after Jordan boastfully broke the news to her, he went ahead to pin her down by the throat and was about attacking her, before she narrowly escaped. Victoria explained how it all started in court as Jackson was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment for trying to harm a pregnant woman.

“We were happy together and at first Jordan was great. “But he started becoming really jealous and was always checking my Facebook. “On the night of July 25, he started accusing me of sleeping with someone who is no more than an old friend.
“I was sitting on the bed and he turned to me and he just smirked and said that he had slept with my two sisters.

“My heart started pounding and my mind was racing, remembering seeing Jacqueline touch him and how much Michelle went on about him.

"I remembered all the rumours and it just dawned on me that he had done this to both me and my baby. I started crying hysterically.

“He jumped up and pinned me to the bed by my throat and told me to shut me up and stop crying.

“He told me that if I was quiet he would let me go. I needed to get away and all I could think about was about my baby.

“But as I ran to mum’s house he chased me and started begging me to come back.”

Victoria claimed in court that was when he punched her.

She admits her relationship with Jackson had become strained after the loss of one of their babies as he began to show his jealous and controlling nature.

Jackson was sentenced to nine months imprisonment, while Victoria is due to deliver January 1st.

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