Friday, November 28, 2014

Outrageous! Florida man rapes and beats his 3 year old stepdaughter to death

A 19 year old Florida man Pascal Kaufmann (pictured above) has been arrested for allegedly raping and beating his 3 year old step-daughter to death, Charlie Brame died in hospital on Monday Nov. 24th. Police say she died from severe brain trauma & had signs of recent 'sexual & aggravated abuse'

According to Orlando Sentinel, the little girl was rushed to the hospital after Kaufmann reported she'd stopped moving at their home on Saturday November 22nd. When paramedics arrived at the home, the little girl was struggling to breathe, with bruises covering her back and head.
Kaufmann told police the girl fell from a bed when he was babysitting her while the girl's mother was at work. The teen had moved to the US from Germany in August after meeting Charlie's mum on the internet. The couple had only married about a week ago.

Police arrested Kauffman after doctors revealed the girl had been penetrated and the wound to the back of the head inflicted
"It was unlikely that she could receive such severe head trauma from falling out of the bed. Her injuries were "more consistent with blunt trauma to the back of the skull." the police said
The little girl's father told reporters he'd been wary of Kauffman being around his child and had begged his ex never to leave his child alone with her new husband. He said he'd been trying to remove his little girl from the home before she was killed.

Kaufmann will face murder charges...

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