Saturday, October 25, 2014

OMG! Women walk past headless corpses in Raqqa under ISIS rule

Women walk past headless corpses in Raqqa without raising an eyebrow in shocking pics depicting life under ISIS rule . sturbing images of life under ISIS rule Raqqa city in Syria have emerged showing the decapitated corpses of Syrian soldiers lined up in the streets, UK Daily Mail reports.
Women walk past their bodies without acknowledging their impaled heads on fences for fear of being killed themselves. Elsewhere hate preachers urge children to disobey their parents and join the terror group. Raqqa has remained an ISIS stronghold since the group took control of the city last year. Residents have been subjected to an unrelenting torrent of horror, with many too poor to flee across the border to Turkey. Despite American and Arab forces bombing the city, fighters remain jubilant and have taken control of the population's homes and resources.
Heads impaled on spikes look down on the city's pavements in a constant reminder of the group's barbarity. See more horrific pics after cut
 The decapitated bodies of Syrian soldiers were left scattered in the streets of Raqqa by ISIS fighters

By-passers do not raise an eyebrow at the horrific scenes with ISIS fighters patrolling the city's streets
Soldiers decapitated bodies were tied to fences with their trousers around their knees in the horrifying images

Civilians walk past bodies lying across the pavements in Raqqa seemingly unaffected by the horrors being carried out

Young soldiers in balaclavas and black uniforms patrol the streets of Raqqa with guns

Life has become easier for fighters in Raqqa under Islamic State rule, with jihadists rewarded with higher salaries and bonuses while civilians plunge further into poverty

Culled from UK Daily Mail. Photo credit: AP/Reuters

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