Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger replaces 5 cabinet ministers in government revolt

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger has appointed new cabinet ministers to replace five members who started a revolt against his leadership and resigned their posts today.

The ministers who resigned on Monday morning — known informally as the "Gang of Five" — cited "turmoil" and "grave concerns" about not being able to speak their minds in government.

However, the five outgoing ministers said they will remain staunch New Democratic members of the legislative assembly and vote with the government on issues in the legislature.

The five are:

  • Jennifer Howard, Fort Rouge, former minister of finance.
  • Stan Struthers, Dauphin, former minister of municipal government.
  • Theresa Oswald, Seine River, former minister for jobs and the economy.
  • Andrew Swan, Minto, former minister of justice. 
  • Erin Selby, Southdale, former minister of health.
  • Their replacements were sworn in during a ceremony at the Manitoba Legislature this afternoon.

The new ministers include:

  • Greg Dewar, minister of finance.​
  • Deanne Crothers, minister of healthy living and seniors.
  • Drew Caldwell, minister of municipal government.
  • Melanie Wight, minister of children and youth opportunities.
  • "Today, as we inaugurate a new cabinet, I would like to acknowledge each of those leaving for their contributions to building our province," Selinger said near the end of the ceremony.

"Manitobans have elected a dedicated, diverse and experienced group of New Democratic MLAs who represent every region of our province and draw experience from a wide variety of fields. With this new cabinet, we draw from the strengths of our talented caucus."

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