Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Delhi 7 yr old girl has 202 teeth hidden inside her gum

Days after a 7 year old girl in New Delhi complained of severe mouth pain, her parents took her to the dentist to find out what was wrong - what they found inside the girl's mouth, astounded everyone, including the dentist.

The dentist found 202 teeth hidden inside the little girl's gum. According to a report by New Delhi Standard, X-rays showed the girl had suffered from compound odontoma - a complex tumour composed of normal dental tissues that have grown in an irregular way.
"It was shocking to see such complex situation in the minor's mouth. Normally we see a few abnormal teeth-like structures in such patients; 202 of them inside the mouth of a seven-year-old is shocking, and our prime task was to get rid of it." said the doctor who performed the two hour surgery to remove the extra teeth.
The surgery was successful and the little girl has been able to chew and is now leading a normal lif

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