Wednesday, November 19, 2014

OMG! Aunt cuts off 3yr old nephew's penis for entering the toilet while she was there

A 37-year-old woman in China got so angry that her three-year-old nephew walked in on her while she was using the toilet that she cut his penis off. Xue Paan, was supposed to be looking after her sister's son, Qiang Qiang, while his mum went to visit a neighbour nearby but when the little boy interrupted her as she was texting her boyfriend, and asked if he could play a game on her phone, the furious aunt stormed into the kitchen, picked up a knife and hacked off the boy's penis.

The little boy's mother Cai Tuan, 27, ran back to the house when she heard child scream only to find that he had fainted and was in a pool of his own blood. 
"I had popped out to see a neighbour and was only gone 30 minutes when I heard Qiang Qiang scream. I ran back to the house and couldn't believe what I saw. Qiang Qiang had fainted and was lying in a pool of blood. Next to him was a knife and his penis. It was simply horrific. My sister, his aunt, had gone.
His parents rushed him to a hospital where doctors were able to re-attach the appendage in an emergency procedure after 3 surgeries before heading to a specialist clinic in Beijing for further treatment. His aunt who was later arrested, faces 5 years imprisonment for the cruel act. 

Picture: CEN

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