Friday, November 14, 2014

Paris Hilton Wins Female DJ Of The Year

Ashley Burns | Uproxx

Who would have ever thought that with the way her TV career fizzled out and the phone stopped ringing with movie roles after 2010’s The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation (real movie), Paris Hilton would still be relevant in 2014? It turns out that people who run nightclubs all over the world have a ton of money to spend, and paying six or even seven figures to a famous socialite who owns a laptop seems to be really good for business. After all, once Hilton proclaimed herself one of the “Top 5 DJs in the world,” she was reportedly earning millions for a weekend’s work of pressing play and letting the beat… not yet… drop. All that and she still had time to make horrible music videos for her original songs.

Hilton’s emergence in the DJ profession wasn’t exactly met with cheers and support from her so-called peers, as just last month, Deadmau5 wrote that Hilton is “straight up ass” and should “get the f*ck back in your go kart,” referring to the way she “encroached” on the EDM scene.
To her credit, Hilton took it in stride, even accusing Deadmau5 of using her for attention, all while not even mentioning him by name. And now she has another thing to throw in his giant mouse helmet’s face – she’s the Female DJ of the Year, according to the DJ NRJ Awards.

“Paris Hilton has been named the ‘Female DJ of the Year’ by the NRJ DJ awards, a 3-year old award ceremony thrown by the NRJ Radio Station in Monaco,” writes the experts at Dancing Astronaut, as the only thing I know about DJing is slipping the guy at my nephew’s bar mitzvah a Lincoln so I can show off my moves to “Electric Slide.” But this is not a celebration being had, as they continued: “Regardless of whether her $1 million dollar price tags were warranted due to her draw at clubs, naming her the ‘Female DJ of the Year’ is an insult to every female in the industry.” Additionally, Dancing Astronaut writes, the NRJ DJ Awards “are now officially irrelevant.”

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