Monday, November 10, 2014

Singapore Opens First World's Luxury Dog Hotel

A staff member dries a dog after a swim in a bone-shaped pool at the Wagington luxury pet hotel in Singapore on November 4, 2014. AFP/Getty Images 
A luxury pet hotel featuring air-conditioned suites, spa services and gourmet meals was unveiled Tuesday in Singapore, further raising the level of pet pampering in the wealthy city-state.

The 4,317 square-foot (401 square-metre) Wagington hotel is located in a converted British colonial-era bungalow in the diplomatic quarter.

Lodgings cost up to Sg490 ($271) a night for three dogs sharing the “royal suite”, which boasts a chandelier, a television and faux leather orthopaedic beds.

Designed largely for dogs, the hotel can also accept cats.

“If we deserve the best in life, shouldn’t your most loyal companion deserve it equally?” founder Estelle Taylor said in a press statement.

“Being animal lovers, we feel strongly that there should be a place where pets can be left that makes them feel at home.”

It is not all lazing around at the hotel. The furry guests can exercise at its bone-shaped swimming pool and artificial turf garden, and indoor treadmills can be used on rainy days.

Owners can also order spa services, including grooming and trimming, a “pawdicure”, mud masks, micro-bubble baths, fur dyeing and aromatherapy massages.

The hotel also provides limousine services to shuttle pooches to and from their homes without hassle.

Singapore is a densely populated island of 5.5 million people, most of them living in high-rise apartment blocks but with a high per capita income.

There are more than 250 licensed pet shops, many of them operating in shopping malls. One businessman offers weekend boat cruises for pets and their owners.

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