Saturday, November 22, 2014

Masterchef Canada Judge And Winner To Open Restaurant In Toronto

Tony Wong| Star
Toronto’s upscale Asian food wars are about to heat up. From TV show to real business. It wasn't long ago that "MasterChef Canada's" Alvin Leung was judging eventual winner Eric Chong in the heat of the kitchen.

Now, the two are preparing to open R&D, a restaurant to be located on Spadina Avenue, near Toronto's Chinatown, next year, The Toronto Star reported.

Leung told the Star that food at R&D, which stands for "Rebel and Demon," would be Asian and Chinese-inspired, with some influence from Canada and the popular cooking competition.

But he held off calling it "fusion."

"I don't like the term. It's a little trendy. But the food will certainly be Asian-based and reference Canada and have 'MasterChef' influences," Leung said.

Chong, 22, won $100,000 in the first season of "Masterchef Canada" last April, defeating fellow contestant Marida Mohammed with dishes such as lobster on egg noodles and a dessert of Asian banana split, which had red bean and green tea ice creams with banana tempura.

He went on to work at Toronto's Buca restaurant and at Bo Innovation, Leung's three-Michelin-star eatery in Hong Kong.

It's not yet certain precisely where the restaurant will open, but Toronto Life wondered if it might appear in a location near Grange Avenue, where Strada 241 closed over the summer.

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