Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meet transgender who tricked Michael Phelps into sleeping with her

When you see her photos, you won't blame legendary swimmer Michael Phelps for getting down with her. With cosmetic surgery & weaves, it's hard to tell real women from men-turned-women these days.

41 year old Taylor Lianne Chandler was actually born a boy, and named David Roy Fitch at birth. She revealed recently that she had a fling with Michael Phelps, 29, that involved sex. She told National Enquirer how they met and claimed he didn't know she was a transgender;
"We hooked up on the dating app Tinder, in late August. They finally met of Sept 21 when he invited me to his home to watch a Baltimore Ravens game. I was a bit nervous, but after a few minutes he made me feel so comfortable. One thing led to the next and we made love during halftime. Later we had intimacy again. The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone made me feel like a true woman."
"I never lied to him. We were together for such a short period of time. I never had a chance to tell him about my life."
If you were Michael, how would you feel if you later found out you had sex with a former man?

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