Friday, November 14, 2014

Piers Morgan Loves him some Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, Piers MorganIn an article for Daily Mail, the commentator defended the married mum’s recent nude spread for Paper Magazine.

Excerpts from the article below-
On Kim being a Natural Beauty – he believed her when she told him she has never had surgery
As for her roundly condemned status as a role model, she told me with calm conviction: “I think I promote a healthy, natural body image.”

She admitted to using Botox, Spanx and the odd piece of masking tape to aid the daunting red carpet process. But she insisted she’d never had plastic surgery, and was happy and confident with how she looks.

I have studied her face close up and seen nothing to contradict this; Kim’s a natural beauty.

On The Backlash and People Who Criticise Her … Piers thinks they are hating on her success

They resent her global fame, her immense wealth, her marriage to one of the world’s most brilliant music icons. Above all, they loathe her resolute refusal to bow to all the bitter venom that spews its way in her direction.

It’s time for me to make a shocking admission: I like and admire Kim Kardashian-West.

On Kim Being Real, Relatable & Hard Working
She’s 5ft 3in, has spectacular curves in all the wrong places if you’re a Size Zero catwalk star, and can’t sing, dance, act, paint or play the violin.

Yet she survives and thrives because millions of young people around the world find her both real and someone they can relate to.

Kim doesn’t take drugs, get drunk, fall out of clubs, cheat on her man, or do any of the other insanely louche things that stars with far greater ‘talent’ often do.

She works ridiculously hard, is good to her fans, and is by all accounts a good, loving daughter, sister, wife and now mom herself.

On Kanye West, her husband (Piers calls him a genius) supporting Kim
She was also, lest we forget, pursued, wooed, and won by a genius who professes (and I believe him) to love Kim for her mind as much as her coveted body. Kanye West’s reaction to this wife’s latest controversial cover photo was to simply tweet this: #ALLDAY. We knew what he meant.

Last Word for Her Haters from Piers
Kim Kardashian-West’s laughing all the way to the bank. And all you lazy, snide, snobbish, patronising and hypocritical critics can go kiss her ass – there’s plenty of room.

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