Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Manitoba dog wedding raises $2K for animal charity

What started as puppy love at first sight culminated in a walk down the aisle on Sunday, as a hairy bride named November and an even hairier groom named Opus vowed to spend the rest of their dog-years together.

Opus and November were wed in Brandon, Man., on Sunday at a fundraiser organized by canine charities in the area. Organizers raised more than double their initial $1,000 goal, and will use the money to bring much-needed veterinary services to Manitoba’s remote First Nations communities.

Opus and November’s owner, Alyssa Fletcher, says the dog wedding started as a gag, but quickly grew into a great stunt for charity

“It was a joke that snowballed into a network of organizations that decided to get together and do this,” she told CTV 

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