Saturday, September 27, 2014

Disgusting! Watch South African Pastor Pour Petrol Down Churchgoers’ Throats

Remember the Pastor who asked his congregation to eat grass this January? Lesego Daniel is back at it again. This time he fed his Rabboni Ministeries congregants petrol, literally pouring it down their throats. Some said it they liked it, they feel ‘nice’, while others said it tasted like pineapple juice, some said it was like blood, others simply fainted.
In the video’s opening, he implied he is of a higher anointing, and others shouldn’t try this until they can turn water to wine. This is in reference to a Bible passage where Jesus converted the drink for a wedding.
We find this incident absolutely appalling! Putting a congregation’s health at risk all to make a point that you’re of a higher anointing is reckless at worst, and egotistical at least.
If your religious  leader asked you to drink petrol would you open wide? See video below

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